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Granite export from Tamil Nadu gaining popularity

2010/7/7 23:45:01  |  Total Clicks:  210

Granite from quarries of Tamil Nadu's Krishnagiri District is being exported to many foreign countries including Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, USA and the UK. The two main varieties of granite being exported to foreign countries are Dakota and red multi stone. The cost of these stone range from 450 to 550 dollars per tonne. These stone, commercially known as Paradiso, are selling at prices raging from 500 to 800 dollars. "It is very colourful and every body liked it. We get buyers mostly from Italy, China, Australia, Korea and Germany. They are very found of this material. There is lot of demand for this material," said Palanivel, Deputy Director of Geology Metal and Mineral limited, Krishnagiri. "Krishnagiri district is very famous for export quality granite. Four different types of granites are available namely paradiso granites, red and black granites," said G Selvam, Manger, GEM Granite Quarry, Krishnagiri. Paradiso granites are available in Silamalai, of Krishnagiri taluk, and light coloured Paradiso blocks are available in Mathur, and areas of Pochanpalli taluks. Granite is a very dense, durable, hard natural stone. In year 2009 -2010 around 22625 cubic metric tonne stone was exported to other countries.