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Marble Tiles - Get a Royal Look to your Surroundi

2010/7/13 18:57:59  |  Total Clicks:  218

Nowadays, Marble acquires a prominent place in usage of several households, as it is being used in building homes and offices. They are not only restricted as artistic works, but due to its beauty, elegance, amazing colours and durability, these are used almost everywhere. Besides suitable for flooring option, marbles tiles can be the best for decorative alternative, as they excel in providing sophisticated and unique look to every space. Choosing a marble tile can be the best choice for lot of households and it has the characteristics that can make your home to get a different look easier than expected. With its natural design, shape and classy look, you can artistically create a design that is unique. Apart from flooring, it is also used for sculptures; its durability has made marble a famous material for flooring and an excellent aid for home improvement. Because of their decorative characteristics, it holds a major place in terms of flooring materials. Marble tiles, however, come in wide variety of colors from crystal white, to sky blue, rose to pink to deep gray and black. Whether designing a marble floor, backsplash or shower, interesting colour combinations, sizes and patterns, give marble an updated look. But on the other hand, it is extremely porous which makes it quite susceptible to more damage like breakage, cracking or chipping. Marble floors and marble bathrooms are very classical images and can be used to create many distinctive looks. When many people think of marble, they may think of Carrara marble, the classical white and grey marble from Italy that has been used in architecture and sculptures for centuries. Marble flooring in India is popular for both interior and exterior flooring applications. The ideal places for using marbles floorings are bathroom, entrance pathways, fireplaces, living and dining areas etc. The high durability and resistance to water, grease and usual dirt makes Marble tiles a preferred stone for flooring in India. Thus, the elegance which marble renders to the interiors makes it an unsurpassed winner .